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CEO Guide Clues Executives in to 3D Printing

dimension 3d printer part of CEO guide to 3d printing“We get rid of waste. We only print the things that people actually want,” says Autodesk Labs vice president Brian Mathews in part of Bloomberg Businessweek’s CEO Guide to 3D Printing. The collection of articles, photos and multimedia aims to clue the corner office in to what engineers have known for years: 3D printing is revolutionary.

Alongside content on aerospace and bioprinting, Mathews’ video focuses on the future of finished consumer goods. Though cost-ineffective with old-fashioned tooling, very low-volume manufacturing could become the most sensible way to get products to consumers.

Mathews points out that even while high-quality 3D printers exceed home budgets, shopping malls could house printers for consumers to make just what they want, locally, when they want it. Remember all the time folks spent at copy shops before color printers were common in homes?

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