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Commited to Design and Manufacturing Engineers

3D printing, Direct Digital Manufacturing, DDM, Rapid Manufacturing, RM, Additive profiled 3D printing this week on its CEO Tech Guide section, and in it, a group of articles and multimedia explores the 3D printing process (also known as additive manufacturing) from several viewpoints. It’s compelling information that discusses the technology’s uses, ranging from NASA creating spare parts in space to scientists creating human organs in the lab to children creating toys. There are no limits to how people will create

While Stratasys continues to explore all our options for future markets, we remain focused on the professional design engineer and manufacturing engineer. Products in development for the near term are in line with our vision to support these professionals in the manufacturing industry.

If you use Fused Deposition Modeling for 3D printing, we’d love to hear how you use it and what benefits it brings to your organization.

Scott Crump

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