3D Printing Question of the Week: How vital is build orientation?

Beginning FDM users might assume that the flattest orientation is always the best. But it’s possible to improve a 3D printed part with some experimentation. Have you ever enhanced a part’s finish or strength just by trying a new orientation? What about build time and material consumption? … [Read more...]

5 Different Ways Architects Use 3D Printers - by Piet Meijs


Welcome to the second in our series on Architectural 3D Printing, written by our guest blogger Piet Meijs, Senior 3D Expert at Rietveld Architects, New York. Enjoy! (Sam Green) In general, architectural models are made for one reason: Communication. However, what you want to communicate varie … [Read more...]

Remember Life Before Additive Manufacturing?

Many years ago I was given the opportunity to design my first product. The terms rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and 3D prototyping were foreign to me. Although I felt confident in my abilities to design a complex piece of equipment, I was ill-prepared when it came to making the parts I needed. We … [Read more...]

Embedding Inserts During an FDM Build

Recently, we've seen an increase in requests for various types of inserts in 3D prototypes and production parts. With Fortus 3D Production Systems, a build can be paused and objects can be inserted directly into a 3D printed part. You can then resume the build and when it’s finished, your object is … [Read more...]

Tips for Quick, Thorough Soluble Support Removal

This is the first of many posts in a regular series from Stratasys application engineers, who’ll offer technical advice, new ideas and experienced reflections on Fused Deposition Modeling from an engineering perspective. One thing that’s true of rapid-prototyping machines across the board is that … [Read more...]

3D Printer's 10-Year Anniversary Reveals a Changed Landscape

Stratasys recently observed the 10-year anniversary of the Dimension 3D Printer line. The Dimension laid the foundation for the 3D printing revolution we see today. This model drove adoption by bringing 3D printing to a whole new demographic that previously couldn't access the technology. In the e … [Read more...]

3D Printing: Why the 'Home of the Future' is already the 'Office of Today'

home 3

When we compare to just a year or two ago, it seems obvious that 3D printing today has finally hit the mainstream. Apart from the many write-ups, the latest TV show to feature 3D printing is the UK's 'Home of the Future' which airs on C4 over the next five weeks. The reality show charts the story … [Read more...]

Some Amazing Sculptures from an Objet Desktop 3D Printer

crawley creatures_1

These fantastic sculptures are the creations of Jez Gibson Harris, of Crawley Creatures in the UK (check out their website - it's got some crazy models!). The designs are first developed in ZBrush, a 3D sculpting program that allows Jez to try different surface and material effects. Using his Obj[Read more...]

Advanced Fortus Users: Check Out AMUG

This year’s Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) conference promises to be the group’s biggest event ever. The number and level of experts who will gather at this event is a great opportunity for advanced Fortus users to expand their systems’ value. Stratasys application engineers (including yo … [Read more...]

3D Printing Question of the Week: What famous design do you wish you’d thought of?

The mousetrap and the bicycle are often held up as icons of good design — effective, simple, tough to improve upon. The inventors behind them were so good that it’s easy to forget human minds created them. Some of our favorite modern gadgets have the same quality, seeming to have sprung fully formed … [Read more...]