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Optimizing FDM technology with Insight Software

I was doing advanced software training at a customer site last month. The FDM machine users were eager to learn about the capabilities Insight software has to offer. 

Fortus 3D Production Systems use Insight software to pre-process STL files before they're built with FDM. They can use either the default file-processing procedure, or they can manually adjust the many parameters that control and optimize build time, part strength, and quality.

Some of the topics we covered were: using Insight to speed up FDM technology; creating custom supports to make removal faster and easier; increasing part strength; and improving surface finish. Whether using FDM for traditional rapid prototyping, or digital manufacturing, there are many tricks our Applications Engineering group has gathered. We would love to share them with you.  

To find out more about these best practices, please contact the Stratasys AE department for more information online or email us at:


Noah Zehringer

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