Some Amazing Sculptures from an Objet Desktop 3D Printer

These fantastic sculptures are the creations of Jez Gibson Harris, of Crawley Creatures in the UK (check out their website – it’s got some crazy models!).

The designs are first developed in ZBrush, a 3D sculpting program that allows Jez to try different surface and material effects. Using his Objet30 Desktop 3D Printer acquired from HK Rapid Prototyping, he then 3D prints a small evaluation version to test the surface finish. Once he’s happy with the form he goes for the full-size 3D print.

Jez usually opts for the Objet VeroWhitePlus material, a rigid opaque 3D printing material providing exceptionally smooth surfaces – important when it comes to providing a good quality metal coat finish.  Some sculptures are up to 280mm in length!

Once 3D printed, the sculpts are then metal plated, sealed and mounted onto a base.

According to Jez:

“I have always made sculpture, usually in spare fleeting moments. The sculptures I used to make were in carved marble, stone, wood, cast iron or sculpted in clay and cast in various materials… All aspects of the process have really excited me and with the Objet30 desktop 3D printer in the studio and a new purchase of ZBrush 3D sculpting software a whole new world of freedom has opened up for me.”

Crawley Creatures Ltd was founded in 1986 and is based in Buckingham. The company works internationally in TV, Film, Museum, Rapid Prototyping and Product Design.

(Above) ‘Sea Creature’


(Above) ‘Large Wing’

(Above) ‘Wing Maquette’

(Above) ‘Two Fins’

 (Above) ‘Double Wing’

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  • Greg
    Feb 21, 2012 10:36 AM

    So in what materials were these originally produced? Plastic?

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