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RedEye On Demand Earns AS9100C Certification

Redeye On Demand has earned AS9100C CertificationRedEye On Demand, Stratasys’ digital manufacturing service business, has received AS9100C certification. Achieving this standard in the aerospace industry recognizes that RedEye meets the quality management standards required to provide 3D-printed production parts for aerospace manufacturers, following a rigorous audit process that began in March 2011. The AS9100C standard ensures that a dedicated process is set aside for the way in which manufacturers handle production parts. Interior parts made at service businesses like RedEye using FDM 3D printing technology then go to aircraft manufacturers and are applied to end use in commercial, hobby and military applications. The key to this growing potential of production opportunities for FDM in aerospace is it enables the manufacturing of lighter aircraft, which has tremendous impact on fuel costs.

Released in 1999 by the Society of Automotive Engineers and European Association of Aerospace Industries, AS9100 is the quality management system for the aviation, space, and defense industries. Major aerospace manufacturers and suppliers worldwide require AS9100 compliance as a prerequisite to entering their supply chain. AS9100 fully incorporates ISO 9001:2008 while adding nearly 100 additional requirements specific to quality and safety for aerospace.  These requirements include new processes around risk management, risk mitigation, traceability, repeatability, precise documentation, and an overall management focus on continual evaluation and improvement of the business based on clearly defined goals and objectives. 

For more information on the AS9100C certification standard, and what it means for manufacturers in the aerospace industry, please visit

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