3D Printed Wrench Captures People's Imagination

The 3D Printed Giant Wrench story we put up in July has now hit 100,000 views on YouTube - not bad for a modest blog video!

There could be a number of reasons why the wrench story has captured people's imagination: Maybe its because the common adjustable wrench is such a recognizable functional tool? Maybe because a working wrench represents an excellent test of a 3D printer's capabilities? I would be interested to hear your opinions..

Whatever the reason, watching the Objet Connex500 grow the wrench with the moving parts already assembled and then seeing it work like a real wrench thanks to the strength and toughness of the ABS-like Digital Material can be a mind-bending experience for anyone new to 3D printing.

So here's to the next 100,000 views! (And yes, that is yours truly in the photo above - taken this morning next to a shiny brand new Objet Connex500 - still with its wrappings on..I'm holding the same giant wrench from the video below and also the 3D printed baseball bat that I demonstrated a few blog posts ago..)


  1. Very good; 3D Printing is a wonderful tool, in the world of design and engineering; only thing is that the wrenches were fully functioning; i.e the jaw was moved by its screw. How the parts were, I presume, 'glued together', (an 'old' technology?) was not clearly stated....

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