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“Bones” to Feature uPrint SE 3D Printer

The crew of “Bones” ponders how to position the uPrint SE 3D Printer and light the scene.Don’t miss the uPrint SE 3D Printer in a cameo role on the spring premier of Fox TV’s "Bones." Airing at 8 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Central) next Monday, April 2, the show follows a forensic anthropologist, Dr. Temperance Brennan, as she uses her highly developed intelligence (and a few high-tech tools) to help law enforcement solve murder cases.

In Monday’s episode, "Prisoner in the Pipe,” the remains of a body are found in a sewer. According to the script pages we received, Brennan’s team uses “vector points of the victim’s interior wounds to make a negative of the murder weapon. From that they could print out a 3D image of it.”

With help from Stratasys applications engineer Steve Gibson, the prop master from Bones 3D printed a shiv – a prison-made knife – on the uPrint SE used in the scene.

For those of you familiar with FDM machines and the uPrint SE, you may notice a few Hollywood touches. While we think FDM technology is pretty cool all on its own, the crew tried a few shots with strobe lights and mirrors inside the printer to add more dramatic flair.

We haven’t been given a pre-screening of the show to see how prominently the uPrint will be featured, but it will be fun to see what comes from the hours of filming. Let us know what you think of uPrint’s appearance!

Carrie Wyman

Carrie Wyman

Carrie is a technology and 3D printing enthusiast, with a passion for beautiful design.

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