Discovery Channel Praises 3D-Printed Robot

Dimension 3D-Printer used by Matt Bunting for his hexapod was featured on Discovery Channels Daily Planet.Two years ago, we blogged about Dimension 3D Printing user Matt Bunting, who built a smart hexapod robot. Bunting has been hard at work on the device, which has taught itself to walk on its FDM legs using visual input. It can even recognize Bunting’s face.

The March 21 episode of Discovery Channel’s “Daily Planet” shows how Bunting’s bot behaves somewhat like a biological entity, adapting to its environment with the help of an artificial neural network. Five minutes in, see the Dimension 3D printing hexapod legs.

“I took advantage of the 3D printer,” Bunting says in the video. “I was able to conceive a part in my head and then design it, and have it the same day — which is incredible.”

View the “Daily Planet” episode here.

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