3D Printed Art - the 'Multi-Material' Way!


Our UK team recently visited Daniel Hilldrup (in photo above), an exciting artist in residence at the London Metropolitan University to get a sneak preview of some unique 3D printed artwork from his upcoming series ‘Fragments in Time’. Daniel’s passion for using digital technology to create function … [Read more...]

3D Printing Question of the Week: Do you work more iteratively now?

This week, I had the pleasure of visiting a designer who uses FDM technology to build devices, test, redesign, check, try, and test again in a highly iterative process. His workshop is full of first-tries, concept models and experimental side projects -- physical evidence of the progress he's made. … [Read more...]

Vote for Objet to be the 'Leader in Engineering' for 2012!


Design World undertakes an online vote every year to determine the Leaders in Engineering. This is your chance to vote for Objet as the leader in the Digital Manufacturing / Rapid Prototyping category! We are currently in the lead with 75% of the vote! To vote for Objet right now click here and t … [Read more...]

A New Use for My 3D Printer?


I just realized that this crazy 'sponge' like geometric 3D shape is perfect for holding my pens which seem to be constantly disappearing from my desktop! This 3D object was printed in Objet's VeroWhitePlus - a rigid white opaque 3D printing material, and one of our customers' favorites for all-round … [Read more...]

FDM Technology’s Ease of Use in Numbers

After listening to a webinar from a local provider of additive manufacturing equipment, I realized how lucky I am to be running Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) systems from an operation standpoint. The presenter said he needed three system operators to run four additive manufacturing systems. (I won … [Read more...]

FDM Technology Meets MRI Makers’ Material Standards

To date, we've seen a dramatic shift in how the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) industry is designing, developing, and manufacturing systems. A growing number of MRI coil design companies as well as MRI OEMs are using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology. FDM is the only additive manufacturin … [Read more...]

For Sand Casting, FDM Does More Than Just Patterns

The sand casting industry is looking to become more efficient, and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology has proven valuable. The first foundry/pattern shop to use FDM for matchplate patterns (about 6 years ago) has owned an FDM machine for 3 years now. In that time, it’s resorted to building a … [Read more...]

My Secret to Spotless Large FDM Parts on the 900mc

The Fortus 900mc is capable of producing extremely large parts, which requires a lot of material to be extruded. During these extended builds, the Teflon shield attached to the tip can become worn. Since tips are a consumable item and can be replaced between jobs, this wear isn't normally an issue. … [Read more...]

How I Conquered Color Change on the Fortus FDM Machine

Using colors on the Fortus systems is a great way to make your parts stand out, especially when creating an assembly or specialty parts for manufacturing applications. (Designated colors could signify safety, caution, no-fly, danger, etc.) However, one thing I've noticed is that after using a colo … [Read more...]

World's Best Super Bowl Ads Benefit from 3D Printing

Regardless of the media back and forth over the future of 3D printing, the fact is that it's already here and being used in virtually every aspect of our lives from the cutlery that we eat with, to the phones that we carry in our pockets, to the bikes that we ride, to the very buildings that we live[Read more...]