3D Printing White Paper: The Future of Product Development | 2012

8 Reasons Why Product Development Will Never Be the Same Again – and 5 Ways 3D Printing is Responding”

This 13 page analysis is based partly on a talk given by Dr. Phil Reeves at the recent EuroMold Objet press event where he engaged a full crowd for almost an hour on the same subject.

Here’s the white paper abstract:

In existence for over 20 years, 3D printing is now rapidly gaining widespread recognition. This white paper aims to categorize the major trends that are channeling economies and societies towards the mainstream use of 3D printing and then to show how 3D printing is responding to those changes. Identified here are 8 trends based on societal, economic, environmental and technological influences occurring right now. It then details 5 ways in which 3D printing is responding through repositioning itself at the heart of manufacturing and by re-shaping the nature of the traditional supply chain.

The white paper is absolutely free and can be downloaded right here.

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