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3D Printing Annihilates Barriers

3D printed FDM parts on a cart.Day in and day out, 3D Printing is taking product development into the future. Machine offerings are getting better by the year, magnifying the advantage that users enjoy. Real industrial-grade plastics provide the freedom to use 3D-printed parts not only for fit testing and functionality, but also in end-use products.

It may come as a surprise, but many Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) users already take advantage of its ability to build usable products. No other technology can withstand the wide range of applications and post-processing techniques that FDM parts can take. This is just one example of how 3D printing is making design limitations a thing of the past. In this age, we are becoming more adapted to and knowledgeable of the CAD packages that give us free range to design whatever our creative minds can think of. In the past, our designs may have been limited by manufacturing capabilities, but not today. Whatever you can scan and alter, or design in CAD, you can have in your hand within hours or even minutes. Speed to production has never been faster than with FDM systems.

The advantage of FDM annihilates barriers in all phases of design. Designers can move forward with greater confidence in creating something that may change the future. Now more than ever, technology (in general) and 3D printing (in particular) free us to turn more and more ideas into real-life products. As Stratasys continues its leadership in 3D printing, let the surprises keep on coming. Don’t ever hesitate in being creative; it’s all at your fingertips.

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Michael Block

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