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Can You Pass Those Sunglasses? (Mojo Mania has us Feeling Like Stars)

With the unveiling of our Mojo 3D Printer today, at Stratasys we’re feeling a bit like stars from all the media attention. While it may not be the paparazzi covering us, here’s a sampling of the coverage we’re seeing from some of our top industry media.

Leslie Langnau at Design World: “From my engineering perspective, this is a sweet system.” Get Your Motor Running

Desktop Engineering’s Jamie Gooch on a Mojo beta test: “In my mind, Stratasys had locked [Todd Grimm] in a room with a Mojo. The only way out was to use it to 3D print his own key.”  Stratasys Reveals its Mojo 3D Printer

David Mantey at Product Design & Development: “The potential user base is massive and largely untapped.Stratasys Mojo Rising with New 3D Printing System

Travis Hessman of Industry Week quoting 3D-printing expert Todd Grimm: "Scott Crump's vision was painted all over this thing. From set up to operation to the quality of parts, it was transparent." Stratasys Brings the Magic Back to 3D Printing

James Woodcock at TCT Europe: “[Mojo cleaning system] WaveWash 55 is a plumbing-free support removal system that could be used anywhere. This could be ideal for small design offices.” Stratasys Launches the Mojo, a Lower-cost 3D Printer

Nadra Angerman, writing for Digital Maufacturing Report: “Today the company is leading the American Manufacturing Renaissance.” Get Your Mojo with the Industry's newest desktop 3D Printer

Machine Design –  Professional Desktop 3D Printer is Easy to Use

Fabbaloo Blog –  The Mojo 3D Printer

Rapid Product Development – Get Your Mojo with the Industry's Newest 3D Printer

RPES Blog – – Stratasys' New Personal Class 3D Printer –  Hands-On with the Mojo 3D Printer





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