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Excerpt 1: A New Mindset in Product Design

3D printing can help bring better products to market fasterTime-to-market is critical for every manufacturer. The faster you can bring a new product to market, the more time you have to gain market share before competitors are able to deliver their own products that may match your product’s performance. Reducing product development time also makes it possible for your product to begin generating sales sooner. 3D printing helps reduce time-to-market by creating prototypes that help engineers evaluate the performance of design alternatives early in the design process.

"A New Mindset in Product Design" is a Stratasys white paper that discusses how 3D printing impacts the product development process. It profiles how Graco used 3D printing to get products to market faster by making better decisions early in the product development process. Following is the first of four excerpts from the paper:

For example, Graco Inc. makes paint spraying and texturing equipment for professional use. Its engineers used a 3D printer to experiment with various paint gun and nozzle combinations to create the perfect spray pattern and volume. The resulting new spray-texture gun was based on functional prototypes 3D printed in ABS plastic. Graco estimates that 3D printing helped reduce development time by as much as 75 percent.
View or download the complete "A New Mindset in Product Design" white paper.

Joe Hiemenz

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