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Excerpt 2: A New Mindset in Product Design

Time saved prototyping with in-house 3D printing vs. other methods.3D printing can reduce time to market because it enables engineers to make faster and better design decisions early in the development process. Most companies get their first prototypes from service bureaus because they don’t have their own 3D printer. Bureaus provide an invaluable service for those who aren't ready to purchase their own in-house 3D printer.

Today, after years of 3D printer price reductions, it has become easier to justify bringing them in house, even by companies that produce relatively small numbers of prototypes. 

"A New Mindset in Product Design" is a Stratasys white paper that discusses the impact of 3D printing on the product development process. Following is the second of four excerpts from this white paper.

A highly iterative process can only happen in a feasible time frame when engineers can see quick feedback on design changes. In-house 3D printing eliminates shipping delays and reduces administrative slowdowns that can accompany sourcing prototypes from external services. With some systems now available to lease, businesses might find that as few as one in-house model per month justifies the cost of a printer versus money spent outsourcing.”
View or download the complete "A New Mindset in Product Design" white paper.
View the first excerpt previously posted the week of July 2nd.

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