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Excerpt 3: A New Mindset in Product Design

Designers test ideas with 3D-printed prototypes and low quantities of end-use partsProduct development is a team effort requiring input from diverse sources. Prototypes produced via 3D printing play an important role by giving stakeholders an understanding of design alternatives as well as the ability to perform functional tests to evaluate the performance of each. Prototypes improve collaboration by facilitating communications and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

"A New Mindset in Product Design" is a Stratasys white paper that discusses the impact of 3D printing on the product development process. Following is the third of four excerpts, which explains how an industrial design firm used 3D printing to refine the design for a new pool cleaner motor. 
At Henk and I, an industrial design firm in Johannesburg, South Africa, designers created and extensively tested a new kind of pool-cleaner motor that works well with low-flow, energy-saving filters. The high-torque design was the result of an iterative refinement process using the office 3D printer. In the functional testing stage, 30 3D-printed prototypes cleaned pools in various regions worldwide. The result was a new pool cleaner model, the MX 8, for the firm’s client, Zodiac. According to Henk van der Meijden of Henk and I, the motor innovation would have been impossible without 3D printing.
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