From Concept to Flying Disk in One Day

Eric Doremus

Today’s guest blog post comes from Eric Doremus, a civil engineering student at Roger Williams Univesity, and summer intern at R&D Technologies. R&D Technologies is a Rhode Island-based reseller of Objet’s complete line of 3D printing systems and is also a 3D prototyping service bureau. Enjoy! Sam Green.

Here at R&D Technologies we decided to make a quick video showing our clients how easy and efficient it is working with Objet’s 3D printers to produce a functioning prototype from start to finish.

A flying disk was chosen by the R&D Tech team for its simplicity and sheer fun. We wanted to be able to show that you can think of an idea in the morning and by the end of the same day, have a finished prototype to test in the field.

The disk was also chosen to show the unique capabilities of the Objet Connex 3D printer, which is able to print different material shades and properties all at once. The main body was printed using a Digital Material made of Objet’s Rigid White material and Rubber-like Black material, resulting in a gray composite material with the strength and flexibility comparable to that of an actual Frisbee. Our company name and website was printed onto the disk during the same print job in the Rubber-like material, as was an over-molded layer to the rim to add comfort during throwing.

The R&D Tech team involved in the making of this video includes Justin Coutu, Chris Richter, Scott Simonian, and myself. We were all really pleased and impressed with the aerodynamic performance of the final prototype and you can see from the video above how well it worked in the backyard of our office!

3D Printed Flying Disk in Multiple Digital Materials Printed on Objet Connex

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