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FDM Technology: The Personal 3D Printing Assistant You’ve Been Waiting For

Two application engineers removing build from Fortus 900mc.No doubt FDM Technology has come a long way from the get-go. I was 6 when Scott Crump invented FDM, but I’ve heard stories of technicians having to stop the machine and install support structures manually. I can’t even fathom doing that today since we are spoiled with support structures automatically designed and built without any interference, period.

3D printing has improved much since its stone age, when CDs were the gold standard for music sharing. (They say it seems like yesterday). Once you’ve come to a full understanding of what 3D printing can do for you, you realize it’s the next best thing to that quiet, obedient assistant you’ve often wished for.

In a range from baking cookies to designing the next flying car, if you plop a Fortus, Dimension, uPrint or Mojo printer within your reach, you’ll find something it can do for you and wonder how you lived without it. If you don’t consider yourself a design-savvy guru, my challenge to you is to research just what our systems are capable of. (My answer: anything!)

Today customers are buying machines intended for designing new products, then discovering more ways to put their newfound bandwidth to use. While you’re busy conceptualizing the next world-changing invention, your trusty helper is churning out the fixtures and tooling that used to consume your time. Many customers say they run their FDM machines 24-7, often to support those big-idea projects with useful parts they didn’t predict 3D printing could handle.

Busy people have always complained about needing a helper. What are you doing with yours!?

Michael Block

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