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10 Reasons to Switch to Multi-Material 3D Printing

In yesterday’s blog post we mentioned that Objet is now the first 3D printing technology in the world to offer a choice of over 100 different 3D printing materials. These range from rigid to rubber-like textures, opaque to transparent shades, and standard to engineering-grade ABS toughness.

Along with the short You Tube clip, we’ve also put together a white paper that you can download for free right here. I’ve also put together this short abstract to give you some idea of what you can expect to read inside:

10 Reasons Why Multi-Material 3D Printing is Better for your Product Design & Development


When talking about ‘multiple-material’ 3D printing, we actually refer to a number of different capabilities. Objet Connex 3D printing technology works by jetting two distinct Objet materials. Each material is funneled to a dedicated liquid system. The liquid system is connected to the Objet printing block, which contains eight printing heads. Every head includes 96 nozzles, each measuring 50-microns in diameter. Each material has two designated printing heads that work in sync.

Objet’s 3D printing technology is able to control every nozzle in every print head independently. This means that preset combinations of model materials can be jetted from designated nozzles to create; new materials; different material parts within a model; as well as different material models that are printed together at the same time. Here are ten benefits of this unique dual-material jetting in more detail:

The rest you’ll have to find out by reading the white paper.

As always – I’ll do my best to answer your comments, questions and feedback – which are all very welcome.


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Sam Green, Head of Marketing for Rapid Prototyping Solutions, Stratasys

Sam Green, Head of Marketing for Rapid Prototyping Solutions, Stratasys

Sam Green is Head of Marketing for Rapid Prototyping Solutions at Stratasys.

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