In Praise of CAD Skills

My fellow application engineers and I often get asked for favors in the form of FDM parts. This could be anything from a special jig or fixture for assembling or holding a sample, to a new handout or marketing sample, to a custom name plate or business card holder for a particular individual. Thes … [Read more...]

From Concept to Flying Disk in One Day

3D Printed Flying Disk in Multiple Digital Materials Printed on Objet Connex

Eric Doremus Today’s guest blog post comes from Eric Doremus, a civil engineering student at Roger Williams Univesity, and summer intern at R&D Technologies. R&D Technologies is a Rhode Island-based reseller of Objet’s complete line of 3D printing systems and is also a 3D prototyping serv … [Read more...]

3D Printed Flashlight With Working Parts!


One of the main challenges in 3D printing is to produce prototype parts that can be tested and used in the same way as the final product. Objet has overcome many aspects of this challenge thanks to the Connex multi-material 3D printing system which can print a range of different material properties … [Read more...]

Showing Off Some Ultra-Fine 3D Printing Details


When it comes to architectural 3D modeling, 3D print resolution is everything. Check out the ultra-fine details on this 3D printed victory arch - printed on the Objet Eden or Connex range of 3D printer in 16 micron detail using clear transparent material. (Smaller versions of this model can now also … [Read more...]

3D Printed Reusable Zip Tie in ULTEM 9085

I love this clever ULTEM 9085 sample item that Stratasys application engineer Michael Block designed in Solidworks: a reusable zip tie. He prints them on Fortus 400mc and Fortus 900mc 3D Production Systems with a .010-inch slice. … [Read more...]

This Example Shows Why Objet is the Most Popular Professional 3D Printer


Over at the Fabbaloo blog this week there's a nice summary of the results of an academic survey into 3D printing conducted by the P2P Foundation. Interesting to note here is that although fewer respondents were from the industrial user space, Objet has done well to come ahead of all the other pro … [Read more...]

3D Printing Question of the Week: Do you take advantage of porosity?

A recent webinar attendee mentioned using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) tools in vacuum forming with "great success," saying porosity helped a lot. This made me wonder how others are taking advantage of this FDM property. Do you turn porosity into an advantage in your shop? Do you go further, li … [Read more...]

Excerpt 4: A New Mindset in Product Design

3D printers help manufacturers evaluate concepts early in the design process. The companies get feedback ensuring major investments like injection molding tooling are made only after the design has been perfected. The result is often substantial reductions in product development and subsequent manuf … [Read more...]

Excerpt 3: A New Mindset in Product Design

Product development is a team effort requiring input from diverse sources. Prototypes produced via 3D printing play an important role by giving stakeholders an understanding of design alternatives as well as the ability to perform functional tests to evaluate the performance of each. Prototypes impr … [Read more...]

Excerpt 2: A New Mindset in Product Design

3D printing can reduce time to market because it enables engineers to make faster and better design decisions early in the development process. Most companies get their first prototypes from service bureaus because they don’t have their own 3D printer. Bureaus provide an invaluable service for those … [Read more...]