3D Printing Explained in 37 Seconds!

3D printing in 37 seconds

We just put this short video together to visually explain 3D printing. We managed to get it down to 37 seconds - using minimal text explanations. It spans the typical product design process starting from the initial product concept or idea that a designer would sketch on paper, to the CAD design … [Read more...]

3D-Printed ‘Magic Arms’ Let Emma Play and Hug

Editor's note: I'm deeply thankful to Emma and her mom for enthusiastically sharing their story, and to Tariq Rahman and Whitney Sample for the work they do every day. When Emma was 2, she wanted to play with blocks. But a condition called arthrogryposis meant she couldn’t lift her arms with her o … [Read more...]

Actor Gets a Facelift using Objet 3D Printer!


If you've ever considered a stage career and wondered how hard it would actually be, then this video, called 'metamorphosis' clearly shows that its far from a piece of cake. Here, actor Jason Gray-Stanford assumes four vastly different roles within a span of just two minutes. In the last stage hi … [Read more...]

Excerpt 4: 3D Printing & the Truth about Speed: Is the Hare Really Fastest?

In the last three excerpts of the 3D printing white paper “The Truth About Speed: Is the Hare Really the Fastest?” we have focused on the factors outside of build time that affect overall part delivery time. But it’s also important to understand that with any technology, build time itself can vary g … [Read more...]

Excerpt 3: 3D Printing & the Truth about Speed: Is the Hare Really Fastest?

3D printing has been so successful in accelerating the product development process that companies are looking at the 3D printing process itself to see how technologies compare on speed. When considering alternative methods, it’s important to consider labor-dependent processes to get an accurate pict … [Read more...]

Excerpt 2: 3D Printing & the Truth about Speed: Is the Hare Really Fastest?

When comparing the speed of 3D printing processes, the build time – where the part is being built up in layers – is the most common measurement. But the build time is just one component of the time needed for part completion. Other components might include time to prepare the machine, load or swap m … [Read more...]

Excerpt 1: 3D Printing & the Truth about Speed: Is the Hare Really Fastest?

Speed is one of the primary reasons manufacturers are rapidly adopting 3D printing. So it's natural that the speed at which they produce parts plays a role in selecting a technology. But comparing the speed of 3D printing technologies isn't as simple as watching a part building. What really matters … [Read more...]

3D Printing - Changing the Game for the London Olympics

union jack

The London Olympics are just around the corner and here at Objet, like millions around the globe, we're eager to see how the drama unfolds. In the spirit of the games then, why not follow us on our Facebook page for two weeks’ worth of amazing 3D printing stories from the world of sports! [Read more...]

Some Very Cool Instructables Make It Real Winners!


Well done to the winners of the Instructables Make-It-Real Challenge! This projects included interactive visual art, green technology (electric vehicles!), robotics and more. The crafters of the winning Instructables showed enormous versatility as their creations drew from many different disc … [Read more...]

ClearCorrect's Clear Aligners Relegate 'Railway Tracks' to History


  With over 11,000 providers, ClearCorrect is a global state-of-the-art orthodontics lab manufacturing custom-made clear aligners. In the short video above, CEO Jarrett Pumphrey and his team discuss how they evolved from a manual workflow to a completely digital, computer-based process based in p … [Read more...]