Medical Technology Week – Now on Objet Facebook!

Medical Technology Week – Now on Objet Facebook!


On our Facebook page this week we will be highlighting some of the most fascinating, technologically advanced and emotionally stirring stories from the world of 3D printing!

In line with other industries that are incorporating 3D printing into their product design and development processes, we are seeing some amazing strides in the medical realm. Surgery, dentistry, critical care, organ development, skin grafts, prosthetics and much more are today being revolutionized by 3D printing.

In scenarios ranging from rapid prototyping to manufacturing, 3D printers are literally being used from “head” to “toe.” Why not ‘like’ our Facebook page to follow our daily updates for Medical Technology and 3D Printing Week, right here.

I leave you with a small selection of Objet 3D printed models as they are being used in various medical and dental applications today:

Objet 3D Printed Model used in Digital Dentistry

Nerves Within an Organ – Created on the Objet Connex Multi-Material 3D Printer

Full Size, Multi-Material 3D Printed Toddler in Rigid White and Transparent Objet Materials

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