Actor Gets a Facelift using Objet 3D Printer!

If you’ve ever considered a stage career and wondered how hard it would actually be, then this video, called ‘metamorphosis’ clearly shows that its far from a piece of cake.

Here, actor Jason Gray-Stanford assumes four vastly different roles within a span of just two minutes. In the last stage his alien facelift gets a helping hand from some Objet 3D printed props. In this case some of the suit pieces are printed in Objet’s rigid gray (VeroGray) and clear transparent (VeroClear) materials and mixed with traditional makeup to achieve the final effect.

This project is another of Legacy Effect’s amazing special effects productions. Based out in California, they use their in-house Objet 3D printer to create the 3D models and prototypes for the special effect segments in films ranging from Jurassic Park to Avatar, Iron Man and the latest Avengers film that was recently out.

The Objet 3D printer is used to create the customized pieces to exactly fit the size and shape of the actor’s face, neck and head. A special thanks to Legacy’s Jason Lopes for sending us this clip!

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  • whatuthink?
    Jul 28, 2012 10:56 AM

    Amazing! I think, it will be just a matter of time and imagination what can be done, when someone will invent an other Objet 3D Printer what can build any object on atomic level?! :))

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