Injection Molding Using Fused Deposition Modeling

When most people think of injection molding, they think of metal tooling, quick shots, high pressure, millions of shots per mold. As the demand for customization grows, the number of shots required of the average mold is coming down. This increases the cost per part. What if we could build a mold fr … [Read more...]

FDM Technology: You'll Fight for it Twice

Have you ever bought a product for one job and later found that it was in high demand for a hundred tasks you never predicted? This seems to be a recurring theme with FDM Technology. I hear from a lot of customers who were early advocates of additive manufacturing, winning the cost-justification b … [Read more...]

Twenty 3D Printers. Three Series. One Stratasys.

With the new Stratasys comes a stronger array of products. Here’s how we see our new family: The Idea Series: I find this one the most exciting because many of its users are accessing 3D printing for the first time. This line includes the Mojo and uPrint SE systems, which make 3D printing accessib … [Read more...]

Turning Computer Animated Characters into Reality using 3D Printing

moritz cover

As we spoke about in this previous blog post, there remain a number of technological gaps between what we know as 3D content and 3D printing. Computer animation is one such area. The video above shows how articulated deformable characters from computer animation can be transformed into real 3D print … [Read more...]

FDM Replacement Part on the Fly

At the recent IMTS show in Chicago, we came across a broken part that is used to hold the lights on our pop-up display. Although this is not a deal breaker, the display looked lopsided with just one off-centered light. We joked that if we only had the file, we could build a replacement on the Fortus[Read more...]

3D Printing Can Help Keep Workers Healthy

I recently visited a customer very successfully using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology in its production facility to make tools and fixtures. As we walked through the plant on a tour looking at all the uses they had come up with where FDM tooling had made an impact, I noticed all the worke … [Read more...]

Product Licensing: Extreme Award Potential with this Year’s Extreme Redesign

This year’s Extreme Redesign 3D printing Challenge applies the “extreme” label in a new way. It’s not just the redesigns but the potential winnings that are extreme. Upping the ante for finalists in the College Engineering category, Stratasys is partnering with Edison Nation: matchmaker between in … [Read more...]

Our Common Foe: The Status Quo

Merging two successful, global companies into one is a big deal. In the months since Objet and Stratasys announced our intentions, the air around us has been filled with the electrifying sense of change. The earth is moving, and we’re part of the forces that are shifting it. Have you seen the site[Read more...]

3D Printing Question of the Week: Should libraries provide 3D printing?

On 3D Printing is covering a seemingly heated debate among librarians over whether to bring 3D printing to the masses through libraries. The University of Nevada's DeLaMare Library Director Tod Colegrove is one strong advocate: "Printers remain largely inaccessible to students and faculty outside of … [Read more...]

Optimizing Strength With FDM Technology

Do you ever need especially strong 3D prototypes or digitally manufactured parts? FDM technology is known to produce some of the strongest parts in the industry, but even the strength of FDM parts can be improved with a little know-how. Stratasys recently published a story about Emma's "magic arms," … [Read more...]