The Claw! Created on an Objet 3D Printer


The claw in these photos is a replica from the Creature from the Black Lagoon for Factory Entertainment, a collectibles company. The incredible detail on this 16” long life-sized fossilized hand of the Creature was sculpted by artist Tyler Ham and brought to us by Moddler, a premier 3D printing comp … [Read more...]

3D Printing Gets Scary for Halloween!

skulls_blog Cover

I found this 3D printed model as I was wandering through the machine production floor here at Objet. The designer was using the eye sockets to hold his various screw drivers, pens and pliers! As you can see, this model features a mix of 5 different colors ranging from white to black and includes  … [Read more...]

ULTEM 9085 Now in Black

ULTEM 9085, the high-performance 3D printing thermoplastic that resists heat, flame and chemicals and has impressive mechanical strength, is now available in black. ULTEM was already pretty darn useful in its original tan color — great for aircraft interior parts and automotive prototypes because … [Read more...]

Students 3D Print a Working Ukulele


This is cool: A team of RIT rapid prototyping students 3D printed a working ukulele. Their assignment was to design, build and play a musical instrument, and they picked a uke because they wanted something they could tune. To amp up the challenge, they designed a color, 3D school mascot for the to … [Read more...]

Vote Objet if you Believe in the 3D Printing Revolution!


iPhone case 3D printed in multiple materials – on of the unique features of the Objet Connex 3D printer Design World’s Leadership in Engineering Recognition Award is still up for grabs and the competition is really close. Objet are currently in second place and are short of the winning … [Read more...]

3D Printing Question of the Week: How many cartridges do you recycle each year?

The Stratasys consumables recycling program lets FDM machine users recycle the canisters, cartridges and Print Engines that deliver filament to their Fortus 3D Production Systems, Dimension 1200es and Elite 3D Printers, and Mojo 3D Printers. (uPrint spool parts can go to local recycling facilities.) … [Read more...]

3D Printer to Help Injured British War Veteran Walk Again

Objet Eden_OPS

3D Printed Surgical Models of Knee Joint in Objet VeroClear transparent material One of our UK based partners, OPS, has recently supplied an Objet Eden 3D Printer to surgeons in the UK, helping them plan some pioneering surgery that could reinvent the way knee operations are performed in … [Read more...]

Microsoft Surface New Design Benefits from 3D Printing


There's a nice article over on the Verge today by David Pierce that takes an inside look at how Microsoft's new tablet PC - the Surface, was created. What strikes me as unusual is the openness in which companies like Microsoft are now talking about 3D printing. In the past 3D printing was considered … [Read more...]

3D Printing Helps Silgan Design Sweet Container, Save Money Doing It

When Cargill was ready to introduce a new sweetener, it wanted a package that communicated with the consumer. One that said: "Hold me. Spoon me. Display me in your home." So it called on Silgan Plastics, which offers creative design and engineering services for its packaging clients, including th … [Read more...]

The Cardboard Bike...and Some Indications for 3D Printing

cardboard bike

It sounds like an Apple story. Working from his garden shed, an Israeli inventor, Izhar Gafni, has tinkered with the conventional bicycle design and come up with something revolutionary: a cardboard bike. Apparently, although cardboard is very strong when used as a box, it becomes far more challengi … [Read more...]