3D Printing Question of the Week: How has your job evolved?

Stratasys 3d printing questions of the week.Advances in technology, a changing economy and an evolving work force make professional life more dynamic than ever — especially in technical feilds. New opportunities and scary, wonderful new ways of getting work done might come in great bounds, but more often these changes take place incrementally.

For that reason, I find it fun to count back five years and measure what's different. Five years ago, I'd read all about 3D printing, but I'd never actually seen an additive manufacturing system in action; now I work with them daily. Five years ago, I rarely collaborated professionally with a coworker on another continent; now I track several time zones. Five years ago I didn't have a smartphone.

What about you? How has your job evolved in five years? And what pressures are shaping what you do and how you do it?

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