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Objet30 Pro Desktop 3D Printer Debuts in UK at TCT

The TCT show is the place to go in the UK to find out the latest and greatest from the world of 3D printing and additive manufacturing. This year’s show that just closed a couple of weeks ago had a great turnout of many thousands of people, eager to see what’s new from the vendors and systems on display.

Here’s a quick round-up of the show from the Objet perspective:

Objet30 Pro at TCT

Objet30 Pro Desktop 3D Printer beneath a screen of the product movie which aired in May this year

• The Objet30 Pro made its UK debut and generated some serious excitement in and around the machine over the 2 days that it was on display. If you don’t already know, the Objet3o Pro is Objet’s latest 3D printer and the world’s only desktop system able to print models using a range of up to 7 different material, including clear transparent and high temperature resistant material (see the film here).

• The Objet260 Connex, released in 2011 and able to print up to 107 different materials, was also running live on the stand demonstrating a range of Digital Material compositions along with the much-in-demand ABS-like material models.

• Objet’s UK partners, OPS, Tri-Tech and HK were all in force at the show, manning what was a very busy stand.

• Chris Baker, Objet UK sales manager, presented a technical seminar to a packed audience which highlighted the key attributes of multi-material 3D printing and some of the unique applications that can be performed with this technology.

Chris Baker at TCT
Chris Baker speaks about the power of Multi-Material 3D Printing at TCT

• IPF, one of my favorite 3D printing and rapid prototyping service bureaus was also at the show showing off its recently purchased, third Objet Connex500! Some fantastic models were being exhibited showing off the flexible and rigid materials, as well some great ABS-like parts. Check out Gary Miller, the head of prototyping at IPF in this nice video clip explaining what 3D printing does for his clients.

• Another interesting find at the show was a company called Rotite, a great advocate of Objet 3D Printing. Stuart Burns, Technical Director at Rotite, led a great seminar about his new widely-acclaimed connector device that was only made possible through Objet 3D printing. This product has already been covered by several magazines already including this article on Eureka.

Below, some more images from the Objet booth:

3D printed models at TCT

Range of 3D printed models at the Objet booth

3D printed chairs
3D printed fold-up chairs in Objet clear transparent material

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Sam Green, Head of Marketing for Rapid Prototyping Solutions, Stratasys

Sam Green, Head of Marketing for Rapid Prototyping Solutions, Stratasys

Sam Green is Head of Marketing for Rapid Prototyping Solutions at Stratasys.

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