2 New Webinars: 'Architectural 3D Printing' & 'Molding with 3D Printing'

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This week we've got 2 very different webinars that should provide something for everyone. Enjoy! Architectural 3D Printed Model How 3D Printing Impacts Architecture Global Spec Webinar October 16, 2012 2:00 PM Eastern Time. Presenters:  Piet Meijs (Rietveld Architecture) Bruce Bra … [Read more...]

Objet30 Pro Desktop 3D Printer Debuts in UK at TCT


The TCT show is the place to go in the UK to find out the latest and greatest from the world of 3D printing and additive manufacturing. This year's show that just closed a couple of weeks ago had a great turnout of many thousands of people, eager to see what's new from the vendors and systems on dis … [Read more...]

3D Printing Question of the Week: How has your job evolved?

Advances in technology, a changing economy and an evolving work force make professional life more dynamic than ever -- especially in technical feilds. New opportunities and scary, wonderful new ways of getting work done might come in great bounds, but more often these changes take place incrementall … [Read more...]

Disney Research Light Up the Future with 3D Printing!

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Over at the research department of Disney, they're bringing to life a whole new future for interactive devices using 3D printing, with a little help from Objet's VeroClear transparent material! 3D Printed Bulbs Created in Objet Clear Transparent Material They envision a future where inte … [Read more...]

FDM Technology Helps HVAC Maker Innovate Faster

RedDOT designs and builds mobile heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and components for on- and off-highway vehicles — the big rigs you see on construction sites and other rugged spots. This often means engineering custom HVAC systems for each vehicle. Tooling to injection mol … [Read more...]

Objet Steals the Show at DMS Japan

関西DMS 2012 – オブジェット・ジャパンのブースにて

DMS Japan – At the Objet Booth DMS (Design Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions) is the largest technology trade show in the Western Japan area so it’s only natural that Objet  Japan’s would pull out all the stops and deliver an amazing performance – with a range of the latest 3D print … [Read more...]

3D Printing Question of the Week: What are you printing for Halloween?

If your household is like mine, the dining room table becomes a costume studio in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Half the fun of dressing up is making something that never existed before (or an impressive rendering of a Hollywood favorite), and 3D printing pushes the limits. An Iron Man hop po[Read more...]

3D Printing Some Unique iPhone Covers! (Video)

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Not only was today's video blog post filmed on my smart phone - it also features some unique smart phone cases, designed by Danny Tasmakis and all 3D printed on the Objet Connex system! Check out the tiny inter-locking gear wheels - a testament to the magic of 3D printing and the fine detail accurac … [Read more...]