3D Printed Fasteners That You Can't Pull Apart! Objet at Euromold 2012

Rotite device

  Rotite device – high surface contact male and female parts that interlock to create strong fasteners and closers We had a nice surprise visit to the Objet booth yesterday. Stuart Burns, technical director from a very innovative company called Rotite paid us a visit to demonstrate how O … [Read more...]

Fresh from the 3D Printer! Objet Prototypes at Euromold 2012


Here is the latest update from the Objet booth at this year's Euromold where all of the cutting-edge rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing and 3D printing companies go to show off their latest systems and prototypes. The 3 videos below show some of the outstanding results available from inkje … [Read more...]

A Close Up Look at the Objet1000 - Euromold 2012

Ofer Nir

This clip was taken just a few hours ago at Objet's booth at Euromold 2012. Read more about the Objet1000 here. Enjoy!   … [Read more...]

Objet Launches Largest Ever 3D Printer - Objet1000! (Video)

Youtube Objet1000

We're live blogging from Euromold 2012, where Objet have today released their largest-ever 3D printer - the Objet1000. This system features a 1000 x 800 x 500 mm build volume - this is an astonishing 10 times the build volume of the next largest system from the company - the Objet Connex500. [Read more...]

3D Printing the Impossible: A Ship in a Bottle (Video)


Today's Objet vlog post features one of the nicest 3D printed models I've seen from an Objet Connex multi-material 3D printer! The 'Ship in a Bottle' created here features a solid bottle, 3D printed in Objet's Clear Transparent material. And suspended within it we have our traditional sailing shi … [Read more...]

Design With FDM Technology in Mind

All design requires consideration of the manufacturing method, even for digital manufacturing. Some key considerations when Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology is your method of choice are: Conserving support material Ensuring feature strength Reducing build time This is easy if yo … [Read more...]

FDM Training Devices Save Money and Lead to Better Teaching


Training those who will work with or maintain complex customized equipment (think military aircraft or large construction equipment) often means turning them loose on the real thing. But when the only purpose is to give the trainees a good sense of components’ location, look and feel, why tie up an … [Read more...]

3D Printer Creates Stunning Skyscrapers for Seoul's New Business District!


The Yongsan District  features the most expensive commercial real estate in Seoul and is planned to become the cultural as well as new business center of the city. The business district itself is comprised of 20 iconic new buildings - the centerpiece of which is the 620m tall Landmark Tower. The fir … [Read more...]

Get in on this 3D Printing Design Contest

Engneering.com is in the midst of a four-week competition to pick a great 3D model, and prizes are many. Last week's three winners each nabbed $100 and had their designs printed on a Mojo 3D Printer. Judges will pick two more rounds of weekly winners before someone takes home the $2,000 grand prize. … [Read more...]

3D Printed Flexible Hands, Gears, Animals and More! (Video)


Here at Objet HQ we're surrounded by 3D printed models at all times. You can find them at every desk, every workstation, on various display shelves and in boxes at every corner. With all the models floating around, it's sometimes possible to get a little desensitized. So once in a while its good to  … [Read more...]