Excerpt 4: Justifying Additive Manufacturing through Jigs & Fixtures

FDM 5S organizer for hand tools improves Thogus effeciency.Rp+m is a strategic partner of Thogus, a custom plastic injectin molder. Rp+m uses additive manufacturing a.k.a 3D printing to produce 3D-printed 5S production aids that are crucial in Thogus’ push for operational efficiency. 5S is a method of maintaining a neat and orderly work space that places all tools and components at hand. Additive manufacturing makes it possible to quickly and inexpensively produce new production aids as soon as an opportunity is identified.

The Stratasys white paper “Production Floor Trends: Justifying Additive Manufacturing through Jigs & Fixtures” explains how jigs and fixtures produced with additive manufacturing can provide factory floor efficiencies with savings enough to justify a 3D printer purchase. Following is the fourth and final excerpt with a link to the full paper.

In the 5S category, Gannon offered two examples from the hundreds dispersed throughout the Thogus production floor: nozzle holder and knock-out rod holder. Both of these 5S organizers are located at each of the company’s 30 injection molding presses. Operators turn to these holders every time there is a change to a press setup.

The nozzle holder eliminates seven minutes when a press operator is looking for the nozzle for a new setup. The knockout-holder eliminates 10 minutes. At Thogus’ burdened hourly rate, that results in a savings of $4.70 per changeover, per press. With 30 presses and an average of 150 changeovers per year, Thogus realizes an annual savings of $21,150 each year from just two simple organizational aids.

View or download the complete "Production Floor Trends: Justifying Additive Manufacturing through Jigs & Fixtures" white paper.

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