3D Printed Flexible Hands, Gears, Animals and More! (Video)

Here at Objet HQ we’re surrounded by 3D printed models at all times. You can find them at every desk, every workstation, on various display shelves and in boxes at every corner. With all the models floating around, it’s sometimes possible to get a little desensitized. So once in a while its good to pick up the camera and actually film what we’re working with.

In this short clip I’ve taken a trip to our wash room where I’m managed to capture a small sample of 3D printed models just after cleaning and some while still in the 3D printer. I’ve annotated each material as it shows up in the film enabling viewers to watch a separate dedicated video on each material and 3D printing capability. Hope you like!

(User Note – for some reason the programming on the blog doesn’t automatically open annotations in a new window. So it’s best to first watch the film, then go back to open the annotations – or alternatively, watch the entire video in YouTube. Sorry for the inconvenience!)

This post is also available in: Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil)

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