3D Printed Record That Plays Music!

 This story has become an instant viral success. Amanda Ghassaei, assistant tech editor at Instructables has, for the first time ever, 3D printed an (almost) perfect replica of a 12-inch vinyl record. Created on the Objet Connex500 for it’s exceptional detail resolution, the record comes out of the printer with functioning audio-laden grooves that can be picked up quite adequately by the record needle. For more technical details, the full story is covered by Nathan Hurst over at WIRED.

Objet high temperature material

Objet High Temperature 3D Printing Material

Great job Amanda! If you are reading this – may I suggest that you use the Objet High Temperature material for your next 3D printed record? As well as providing high temperature resistance, this engineering plastic material provides an extra level of surface smoothness and hardness that may help to improve the overall sound quality (just be extra careful removing it from the tray – as it’s slightly more brittle than the Objet VeroWhite material).

Best of luck!


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  • P&tL
    Dec 23, 2012 9:13 AM

    This is the future of music – well done Amanda!

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