3D Printed Dress - The Video and Interview, on the Catwalk, Paris Fashion Week

Iris van herpen

Following on from our recent post, Wearable 3D Printed Dress at Paris Fashion Week - Iris van Herpen Show, here is our very own catwalk backstage interview with the creators; Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen and professor Neri Oxman from the MIT's Media Lab. In this interview we discover what … [Read more...]

Printing a 3D Printer? Well...Almost

3D printing a 3D printer

  If you follow the 3D printing space for a while then you eventually get to hear some of the less practial or sensible "future" predictions for the technology. Like this one I heard today: 3D printed steak. You'd have a 3D printer in the restaurant and the customer would simply select 'rare' … [Read more...]

Wearable 3D Printed Dress at Paris Fashion Week - Iris van Herpen Show


On Monday we experienced another first for multi-material 3D printing. For the first time ever, a multi-material 3D printed cape and skirt were featured on the Paris catwalk. Dutch designer van Herpen’s eleven-piece collection featured two 3D printed ensembles, including an elaborate skirt and ca … [Read more...]

Our First 3D Printed Model Using Both FDM and Inkjet Technology!

pen holder_2

  Today's blog post video features our first model as a combined company! This desktop card and pen holder is based on two puzzle pieces that very snugly fit together (a testament to the accuracy of both the Inkjet and FDM 3D printers!). The orange half is 3D printed using FDM technology - … [Read more...]

You Can Mass Finish FDM Parts

For additive manufacturing applications where surface finish is important but volumes are too high for hand-finishing, I've long suspected that mass finishing would work. This time-tested method of polishing parts by the batch is traditionally used on metal components, so I set to work experimenting … [Read more...]

3D Printing Meets Winter Sports

3D printing embraces the “dream big” philosophy through which, in my opinion, everybody should live. And employees at Stratasys are no exception. Ryan Chase, Stratasys cost accountant, is an avid snowmobile fan.  While searching for some cost effective, after-market side wind deflectors for his Y … [Read more...]

The New Stratasys – An Interview with Phil Reeves of Econolyst

Интервью для эконолист,

Following our recent interview with Stratasys CEO David Reis, I now turned to Phil Reeves, managing director of the highly respected 3D printing and research consultancy firm Econolyst to get his views on the new merge of Stratasys and Objet. Here's the full interview below: Sam Green: Can you te … [Read more...]

Objet and Stratasys Merge: An Interview with CEO David Reis

new combined logos

To all our readers - hoping you've all had a fantastic holiday break and wishing you all a very successful 2013! In the spirit of all new beginnings, we've begun 2013 with some groundbreaking news:  Objet and Stratasys - both 3D printing leaders in their own rights, have now merged to become one … [Read more...]