Introducing the Stratasys Product Portfolio…(Video)

Check out our latest marketing video introducing the portfolio lines of the new Stratasys!

To sum up, Stratasys today provides 3D printing systems that fit every stage of the design process from initial idea to high powered prototypes to full production parts:

Stratasys’ Idea Series of compact, affordable 3D printers gives designers and engineers the power to discover their design potential through a high quality 3D printed model that can be invented and reinvented at the push of a button.

Stratasys’ Design Series (Objet Line and Dimension Line) of advanced 3D printing systems can effortlessly simulate the true performance and aesthetic realism of virtually any intended product.

Stratasys’ Production Series allows manufacturers and engineers to think beyond the confines of the production line floor and respond instantly to new manufacturing directions, production floor innovations and customization requirements.


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  • Roy Penberthy
    Feb 4, 2013 11:05 AM

    You are very good with demos but I need to be able to see a ‘matrix’ showing your complete range, sizes of product, key characteristics of product and cost delivered. I cannot find how to purchase your 3D Printers!! I may have to build my own matrix. Regards, Roy

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