Turn Your Own Robot Designs Into Real 3D Printed Models

Have you ever dreamed of building your own robot? We would like to invite you to do more than just dream. It’s still not too late to enter the Stan Winston School Robot Design Contest.stan-winston

As part of Robot Month, the Stan Winston School is challenging ZBRUSH artists, 3D modelers and designers to create the most awesome robot ever. The winning entry will be hand-picked by Jason Lopes, Lead System Engineer at Los Angeles-based Legacy Effects, and will be 3D printed on Legacy Effects’ Objet500 Connex multi-material 3D Printer. This is the same system Legacy Effects used to design and create the characters and creatures used in the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Avatar, Pacific Rim and several other hugely successful film and television productions. The closing date for entries is August 25th, 2013. Full details here

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