Personalize and 3D Print Yourself a Porsche Cayman!

Stratasys 3D Printers are being used by leading car manufacturers to design the latest driving sensations. Car enthusiasts of all ages can now revel in the joy of “owning” a Porsche Cayman. Selected as a 2014 Motor Authority Best Car to Buy, the Cayman is now in reach for anyone with access to a 3D printer!

Porsche posted a video to its YouTube channel that shows a 3D printer building a Cayman S layer-by-layer (in time lapse), including rubber-like tires, with the invitation for fans to “create, print and colorize” their own model.

The file for 3D printing the Cayman S is available on the Porsche website. Model makers are invited to share photos of their finished cars on social networks with the hashtag #3DCayman.  Many have already begun to share their results. So shift into 3D printing and post your Porsche.

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