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3d printed snow globe

Cool Combo of Stratasys and MakerBot 3D Printing Technologies Rock This Snow Globe

Our friends at Proto3000 have a great dose of holiday cheer! Taking the Canadian winter as inspiration, they’ve created an ingenious 3D printed snowglobe that highlights several different 3D printing materials.

snow-globeThe “glass” globe is 3D printed with VeroClear, a PolyJet material, on the Objet260 Connex multi-material 3D Printer by Stratasys. Its shiny transparency comes from sanding and a clear coating.

The black base that supports the snowglobe is black ABS plastic, an FDM material, 3D printed to precise dimensions with a Dimension 1200es 3D Printer. (For extra support in the base, there is a layer of PolyJet VeroWhite, a rigid white material.)

The adorable snowman nestled within the globe is white PLA plastic, 3D printed in a single build on a MakerBot.

Watch the video, fuzzy slippers optional, for a different kind of seasonal celebration!

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Carrie Wyman

Carrie Wyman

Carrie is a technology and 3D printing enthusiast, with a passion for beautiful design.

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