Two New Reasons To Smile About 3D Printing for Digital Dentistry

Dental advantage 3d printer

Objet Eden260V Dental Advantage 3D Printer offers dental and ortho labs affordable access to advanced digital dentisry

Today we are introducing the Objet Eden260V Dental Advantage 3D Printer for dental and orthodontic labs. We are also  introducing the VeroGlaze dental material for natural looking dental models with A2 teeth color shade, plus  fine details and resolution. Now these are good reasons to smile!

These exciting new additions will help labs make the leap to advanced digital dentistry and service their customers – dentists and orthodontists – faster, consistently and more accurately than ever before.

3D Printing for Digital Dentistry - Saving Loads of Time and Improving Accuracy

How? Well, firstly, the new Objet Eden260V Dental Advantage 3D Printer provides a lower cost entry to advanced digital dentistry. This means labs can rapidly produce dental and orthodontic appliances, replacing time-consuming manual models and model-making with intraoral scanner output and 3D printing.

digital dentistry, 3d printer

Accurate dental models produced on the Objet Eden260V Dental Advantage 3D Printer

Avi Cohen, Director of Global Dental at Stratasys, provides further details: “The Objet Eden260V Dental Advantage can create a wide range of dental models, surgical guides, positioning trays and orthodontic appliances significantly faster than hand milling, and can also be used to 3D print many different models all at once on a build tray that’s 20% to 40%  larger than alternative digital dental  systems.” This is a clear advantage for increasing production capacity and operational costs, especially since no indepth special skills or computing knowledge are needed by technicians to run it.

But speed isn’t the only benefit of the Objet Eden260V Dental Advantage. Dental and orthodontic appliances require accurate and consistent models in order to ensure that they fit perfectly. In our opinion, this 3D Printer achieves best-in-class accuracy and consistency. It takes the digital information and prints ultra-fine 16 micron layers to produce fine detail parts with smooth surfaces. This means labs can worry less and less about getting the appliances to fit properly.

A Natural Look for Dental Models

veroglaze, 3d printing dental material

Stratasys VeroGlaze 3D Printing dental material in A2 teeth color is perfect for natural looking dental models with fine details and resolution.

“Precise A2 teeth color shade for the natural look” – there really is no better way to describe the appearance of dental models that are 3D printed with the new VeroGlaze dental material. VeroGlaze can be used in conjunction with all open intra-oral, impression and plaster scanners and is optimized or 3D printing models for crowns, bridge restorations, diagnostic wax-ups and veneer try-in.

“Apearance and accuracy are everything in our business and we’re delighted with the details and resolution of the models being produced on our Objet Eden260V 3D Printer with the new VeroGlaze,” says Yves Dossche, manager of Remedent in Belgium, a leading manufacturer of veneers for the dental industry.

With these new introductions, there’s no better  time to make the move into digital dentistry. You’re invited to see the Objet Eden260V Dental Advantage 3D Printer and VeroGlaze dental material at the LAB DAY Chicago 2014 this week – February 21-22.  Come and visit us, we will be the ones with the big smiles.

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  1. roger smith says:

    what is the cost of this system and are other shades besides A-2 going to be available .

  2. Jacqueline Van De Pol says:

    I am in Arizona and also would like to know the cost of this equipment .
    Thank you

  3. Corrado ghidini says:

    Hi, do export this machine to Italy? Do you have a sale representative in Italy?

    • Thanks for your interest. We'll forward your contact information to a representative in your region who can give you more information about this 3D printer and its availability.

  4. Fantastic piece of device. Its great to have this kind of advancement in dental restorations.

  5. martin zimmermann says:

    I have a dental labotarory in Johannesburg South Africa im interested in prices on your new Stratasys frameworks and Object Eden 260v dental advantage 3D
    Martin Zimmermann

    • Thanks for your interest. Your email address (that you submitted as part of the comment) will be forwarded to a representative in your region who can answer your questions about pricing. Best regards

  6. Florida Dentistry is ready to embrace AM. We have been focusing on producing STL files with CBCT and are interested in (In-Office) production using printers.


    The use of technology is aiding in the development of every department of life. Just like dental treatments are taking advantage of 3d printers, there are various examples of how the innovation in technology is a blessing in our lives.

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