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The Race is On for Lighter, Stronger, Faster 3D Printed Car Parts

bogota-1A childhood pastime was given an adult twist in Bogota, Colombia, as Formula Sena presented an event for university students to construct and race cars. Teams of students, working for a period of almost two years, used engineering and technical smarts to build both gas and electric powered cars.  The electric race cars were each given a custom made, high strength, 3D printed rear wing – built from ULTEM 9085 material using an FDM-based  Fortus 900mc 3D Production System thanks to Stratasys and Allen Kreemer from the company’s Direct Digital Manufacturing Group.

3d printed cars, 3d printed race cars, formula racing
Rear spoiler 3D printed on a FDM-based Fortus 900mc 3D Production System

Formula Sena’s goals in creating this event were to develop students’ tech skills, foster creativity and equip them with real-life experience for the modern workplace.  The students were required to design and construct the cars with an eye towards energy efficiency.

Despite being teamed for several months, most groups were tweaking their cars up until the last few minutes prior to the race. A few Stratasys employees attended the event to educate students and teachers about how a little bit of extra planning and intelligent 3D printed design could lead to lighter, stronger and faster car parts. Students were intrigued by 3D printing’s ability to seamlessly build a part with complex geometries that is nevertheless made from lightweight plastic, and in significantly shorter time! Will next year’s race contain even more 3D printed components? We can’t wait to find out!

formula racing, 3d printing
A view of the finish line

For a sneak peek of video coverage to be released in the coming weeks, check out this video. Spanish speakers can read more about this exciting education event here.

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