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Stratasys’ New Endur 3D Printing Material Looks and Functions Like Polypropylene

Endur 3d printing material by stratasys
Tweezers prototyped in Stratasys Endur 3D printing material to give polypropylene-like look and functionality

This week, Stratasys expanded its portfolio of 3D printing materials with Endur, a new PolyJet 3D printing material. Endur has the chemical characteristics and composition to give models and prototypes a polypropylene-like look and functionality, much like the characteristics of standard plastics.

In the video below, Boaz Jacobi, Product Marketing Manager at Stratasys, talks about the capabilities of Endur and examines some applicative models that look and behave like polypropylene in terms of flexibility, strength and toughness.

Watch this video to see Endur in action.

Endur 3d printing material by Stratasys
Pill box with two snap fits produced with Stratasys Endur 3D printing material

Just like the name implies, Endur is tough. The polypropylene-like material offers both high impact resistance and superior elongation at break. Endur has a heat-deflection temperature up to 129°F/ 54°C, excellent dimensional stability and comes in a bright white color. It also features an excellent surface finish to make it easier to achieve a smooth look and feel.

These properties make Endur attractive for 3D printing prototypes that need the flexibility, appearance and toughness of polypropylene for a wide range of form, fit and assembly applications. This includes moving parts, snap-fit components, and small cases and containers with lids. The white tone and smooth surface finish make it ideal for consumer goods, electronics and household appliances, lab equipment and automotive parts.

Endur is available now for use with all Objet EdenV, Objet Connex, Objet500 Connex3 and Objet30 Pro 3D Printers.

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Carrie Wyman

Carrie Wyman

Carrie is a technology and 3D printing enthusiast, with a passion for beautiful design.


  • 3D printing is getting popular by the month.
    Sadly, I wasn’t able to find an estimated price for this new material, but I’m sure many will agree we can’t call it cheap YET.
    I didn’t had alot of faith in this new trend( if I can call it that ) but looking at the big picture I can see my untrut was unfit.
    Still, polypropelyne isn’t the great material ever like many are considering, I’m sure alot of us would want other form of printing “jet” to see available in the future.

  • that sounds awesome! I wish I could feed it into my objet 24 as well… unfortunately, I have to give it a try at the office with our 30 pro model… looks similar like nylon for cdm machines, strong and flexible like polyamid.

  • I do a lot of design with regard to snap fit features so I’m excited to try this material as it just arrived.
    However will this material work with the Tango (soft touch/TPE type) materials where you can simulate a over mold like you can with the Vero White?


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