Stratasys 3D Printing Named ‘Motorsport Technology of the Year’

Strakka Dome
The World Endurance Championship Strakka DOME S103 LMP2 race car uses a number of Stratasys 3D printed parts
3d printed strakka dashboard
Race-ready cockpit dashboard panel – 3D printed in thermoplastic material using Stratasys’ FDM-based 3D printing technology

Stratasys 3D Printing has been named Professional MotorSport Magazine’s “Motorsport Technology of the Year” at the annual Professional MotorSport World Expo Awards this week in Cologne, Germany. The award comes from our work with Strakka Racing, producing 3D printed parts for their Championship Strakka DOME S103 LMP2 race car.

“3D printing still seems so ingenious that it’s almost unbelievable, yet here it is in cost-effective form for the lower echelons of the sport,” said David Tremayne, editor, of Grand Prix + and a judge.

Strakka exemplifies how 3D printing technology is driving design and engineering within motorsports. The team’s use of Stratasys 3D printing touches all areas of its part production process – from wind-tunnel testing of scale model parts to fully-functional prototypes, as well as 3D printed end-use parts used directly on the S103 LMP2 car in an actual race environment.

motorsport-awards“It’s a fascinating technology with far reaching implications for all levels of the sport,” said John O’Brien, editor, Professional Motorsport World. “From accurately recreating components for historic cars that simply are no longer available to creating bespoke prototype parts for the latest F1 and LMP cars, 3D printing is the perfect accoutrement to motorsport.”

This is just the beginning for Strakka Racing. In an interview with 3D Printing Industry, Dan Walmsley, Team Principal at Strakka Racing, said that while only approximately 5% of the car is currently 3D printed, he estimates that “…70­–80% of the car will potentially be manufactured with 3D printing within the next 10 years.”

Stratasys Senior Application Engineer Amos Breyfogle accepted the award on behalf of Stratasys.

Stratasys Senior Application Engineer Amos Breyfogle accepts the award on behalf of Stratasys
Stratasys Senior Application Engineer Amos Breyfogle accepts the award on behalf of Stratasys

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