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Introducing Stratasys’ Medical Solutions Group

To address the growing demand for 3D printed surgical models, medical device prototypes and other 3D printed medical applications, Stratasys is introducing its dedicated Medical Solutions Group. The Stratasys Medical Solutions Group focuses to advance the use of 3D printing and additive manufacturing to improve patient care, healthcare procedures, products and outcomes. Among them are:

Patient Care

  • Greater levels of success and time savings in operating rooms for doctors and hospitals:3D printed models created prior to operations quickly, cost-effectively, and accurately.
  • Improved individual procedure outcomes: Using surgical pre-planning 3D printed models.
  • Accelerated procedure volume: 3D printed pre-surgical models and procedures reduce risk of infection and complications.
  • Heightened practitioner clinical preparedness: Via creation of realistic 3D printed anatomical models customized for training.
  • Better fit, form, function and affordability:  With 3D printed personalized prosthetics, bionics and orthotics.

Medical Devices

  • Better preclinical device testing and evaluation: Using realistic 3D printed anatomical models for validation and verification.
  • Cost-effective, rapid development and high performance: For additively manufactured end-user medical devices.
  • Shorter cycle times: With cost-effective, rapid prototyping of medical devices and disposal of medical instruments.

“We view the medical market as one of the fastest growing spaces within 3D printing,” says Dan Yalon, Executive Vice President, Strategy, Business Development and Vertical Solutions at Stratasys. “This market is strategically important for Stratasys to advance patient care by increasing operation success, reducing complications and shortening surgery times in operating rooms. We are investing to develop the solutions, personnel and capabilities to make Stratasys a leader in this space.”

More than 50 years of medical industry experience shape the Medical Solutions Group at Stratasys:

  • R. Scott Rader, PhD, general manager for Medical Solutions, leads the group. With more than 20 years in the medical product industry, he brings the experience and expertise ofScott Rader Stratasys matching clinical needs to technology solutions from the conceptual stage to the challenges of commercialization. Recently, he was selected as an associate editor for a new medical journal, 3D Printing in Medicine. Rader was an assistant professor of both ophthalmology and engineering at Johns Hopkins University. He holds a Ph.D., M.S.E. and B.S.E. in mechanical engineering and materials science from Duke University.
  • John Wynne, director of business development for Medical Solutions, brings over a decade of medical expertise to Stratasys.  Prior to Stratasys, he worked atJohn Wynne Stratasys Boston Scientific, a leading medical device manufacturer, where he spent nine years in various strategy and business development roles.  Earlier in his career, he worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb, a global leader in the pharmaceutical space. John has a degree in chemical engineering from the University of New Hampshire and an MBA from Boston University.
  • Michael Gaisford, director of marketing for Medical Solutions, brings 12 years of medical industry expertise, having held positions in marketing, Michael Gaisford Stratasysstrategy and program management. Before Stratasys, he worked in marketing and program management at Boston Scientific, as a consultant at Health Advances, a strategy associate at CVS/Pharmacy and a business analyst at McKinsey & Company. He holds an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and a B.S. in industrial engineering from Stanford University.


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The Stratasys Medical Solutions Group is launching a new thought leadership series, “3D Printing Medical Innovation,” as a way to communicate new ideas, applications and news on the impact 3D printing has in shaping medical care, research, and device development and adoption. To receive updates from the Stratasys Medical Solutions Group, readers may sign up at For more information about applications and solutions in the medical industry, visit the Stratasys website.

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