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Stratasys Expands Presence and Impact of 3D Printing for Medical Use

3D printed pre-surgical models are having a major impact on clinical education and training, pre-surgical planning, and research. To address this global demand for medically-adapted additive manufacturing solutions, Stratasys has taken a number of steps to expand the company’s presence in this vital industry.

Stratasys 3D printed models like the one pictured above are being used by physicians and medical personnel for pre-surgical planning and educational aids for R&D.
Stratasys 3D printed models like the one pictured above are being used by physicians and medical personnel for pre-surgical planning and educational aids for R&D.

Next week, Stratasys will join the 2015 Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) annual meeting, Nov. 29 – Dec. 4, in Chicago, to co-host 3D printing workshops and the “3D Printing? Ask the Experts” event.  Stratasys is supporting four sold-out workshops to provide hands-on 3D printing training for over 600 physicians and medical specialists. Led by Dr. Frank Rybicki from the University of Ottawa, the workshops will showcase Stratasys 3D printing solutions and will train attendees on how to take patient-specific imaging from MR/CT scans and prepare the files for 3D printing.  3D printed, accurate models of patient anatomy have been proven to improve patient outcomes and operating room efficiency.

3D Printing? Ask the Experts

Stratasys and Materialise will co-host the “3D Printing? Ask the Experts” event on Tuesday evening, December 1. Attendees will hear from Dr. Frank Rybicki of Ottawa University, Dr. Jonathan Morris of the Mayo Clinic, and Justin Ryan, Ph.D., of Phoenix Children’s Hospital as they discuss the growing trends of 3D printing in the medical industry. Following the presentations, the Stratasys Medical Solutions team will be available for any additional questions.

In addition to the workshops, Stratasys will be featured on the RSNA exhibition floor at its own booth, North Hall B: 8518, and at the Vital Images’ booth in the North Hall B: 7946. Attendees can also witness a live printing demonstration of the Objet500 Connex3 3D printer at the Live 3D Printing Exhibit- Level 3 Hall D of Lake Side Learning Center.

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“We view the medical market as one of the fastest growing spaces within 3D printing,” says Dan Yalon, Executive Vice President, Strategy, Business Development and Vertical Solutions at Stratasys. “This market is strategically important for Stratasys to advance patent care by increasing operation success, reducing complications and shortening surgery times in operating rooms. We are investing to develop the solutions, personnel and capabilities to make Stratasys a leader in this space.”

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