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3D Printed Models Enable Hands-On Training at Jacobs Institute

The Jacobs Institute is leading in vascular health thanks to its clinical expertise and advanced training techniques. Training with 3D printed models that mimic patient anatomy creates an ideal hands-on training environment for a range of applications. Experiential learning boosts patient safety and improves competencies for both new medical students and experienced physicians learning new techniques and technologies.

Watch this 30-minute webinar and learn how The Jacobs Institute uses 3D printed vascular models to:

  • Advance neurovascular understanding of anatomy and techniques
  • Help residents and medical-device engineers understand how and why procedures are used
  • Teach surgical techniques through hands-on experience

Register here.

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Aaron Pearson

Aaron Pearson

Aaron Pearson currently serves as Vice President of Public Relations and Analyst Relations at Stratasys. With more than 20 years in the industry, Aaron is an experienced enterprise tech marketing, communications, and market thought leader.

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