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3D Printed Art Inspired by Nature – Daniel Fahy

Every year, the Extreme Redesign Challenge calls upon tomorrow’s engineers, artists and entrepreneurs to design a better future. It is a test to see who can come up with the most creative, mechanically sound, and realistically achievable design using 3D printing. Seven winners were selected and received scholarships for their efforts as well as features on our website and blog.

Daniel Fahy is a trained engineer with an innate artistic sensibility.  He began utilizing 3D printing in his advanced degree studies by working on a project that required him to design a compressor strut that would not disturb airflow.  Now, in his attendance at the University of Oxford he is [one of the finalists/winners] of the Extreme Redesign Challenge in the Art, Jewelry & Architecture division. A contrast to the industrial parts focus of his studies, his design is inspired by the natural beauty and deep meaning of the Zinnia and Dalia flowers.  The Intricate Flower Centerpiece is a functional piece of art that applies form mobility and encompasses negative space to create a holistic and beautifully thoughtful piece that is uniquely designed to hold a burning candle or treasured jewelry.

The intricate flower centerpiece design entry.

Daniel has been 3D printing since he was young and was drawn to it for the possibilities it opened up for him to create anything he could imagine.  As he thought more about his entry in this category, he knew he needed to think a little differently if he was going to make an impact.  He started the project thinking about materials first.  His experiences had proven that materials can be an important piece of the puzzle when formulating a design, although this specific design offers some flexibility in that choice.  Once the materials were chosen, in this case DigitalABSplus, thoughtful care was given to ensure that the wall thickness was correct, to ensure smooth movement of the piece and safety when a candle was placed inside.

The interior view of the centerpiece.

As Daniel continues his engineering studies, he has taken notice of the ways that his participation in the Extreme Redesign Challenge has improved his CAD design skills.  “Curved forms, that bring dimension to designs have become more comfortable for me,” he said.  And while he doesn’t have any plans at this point to iterate his beautiful prize winning design any further, there may be opportunity in the future for further design iterations.  “As soon as I am able to see it, and hold it, really understand how it looks, I might consider improvements.” This is the truth and beauty in the artistic expression of 3D printing.

To learn more about Daniel’s project, click here.

To learn more about the Extreme Redesign Challenge, click here.

Carrie Wyman

Carrie Wyman

Carrie is a technology and 3D printing enthusiast, with a passion for beautiful design.

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