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The Terrific Tandem – Matthew Wong & Luis Carvalheiro

Every year, the Extreme Redesign Challenge calls upon tomorrow’s engineers, artists and entrepreneurs to design a better future. It is a test to see who can come up with the most creative, mechanically sound, and realistically achievable design using 3D printing. Seven winners were selected and received scholarships for their efforts as well as features on our website and blog.

All it took was a friend of Matthew Wong & Luis Carvalheiro to get their bike seat stolen for them to create a way for it to never happen again.

It all started in their class at Ryerson University in Ontario, Canada when their professor gave them the option to participate in the Extreme Redesign Challenge. Immediately intrigued, Wong & Carvalheiro began brainstorming ways that they could solve a problem when they remembered a story of one of their friends getting their bike seat stolen in the school parking lot. They started thinking of all the possible ways they could lock it.  After they found a model that worked, they figured why stop there?  They decided to add a retractable fender and a convenient bottle opener as well. And with that, the Fender Lock was created.

This seat-locking, dirt-deflecting, bottle-opening contraption would have been much more difficult to make if it wasn’t for 3D printing.  The duo explained how being able to interact with the design and iterative process helped them work out the kinks and continue to innovate their model.  The features they would miss on the computer would be clear once they printed it, letting them make adjustments as necessary, until it was what they wanted.  3D printing helped them explore ways and forms that they normally wouldn’t have been able to delve into using traditional methods.

Wong & Carvalheiro would like to work on their design in the future, but for now they are focused on their post-graduation lives and seeking opportunities to continue to build their engineering skills.

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Charlie Glynn

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