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How Teachers Inspired a Student’s Winning Design for the 2017 ACTE Excellence Award

Brooks Baro, a fifteen-year-old from Peachtree City, Georgia knows how important teaching is in the delicate fabric of our society.  Brooks, a sophomore at McIntosh High School is this year’s creator of the winning trophy design for the annual ACTE Excellence Award, a contest that

The 2017 ACTE Excellence Award Trophy designed by Brooks Baro.

helps to promote outstanding teacher commitment in career and technical education. Brooks’ trophy design features a thoughtful and carefully crafted narrative, beautifully represented by a gimbal with the ACTE logo, which sits atop a tree trunk.  The gimbal has an ancient legacy of representing movement and navigational structures, while the tree trunk it sits upon is representative of the ways in which education, knowledge and teaching have and will continue to inspire and influence societies now, and in the future.

I had the pleasure of talking with Brooks about his design for the ACTE contest and how 3D printing has impacted his own education.


Q: What drew you to the ACTE student trophy design contest?

Mr. Singleton, a teacher in the Career and Education Department at McIntosh High School, introduced me to the contest and I immediately was interested. My mother also works as a teacher and that helps me realize how much work it actually is to be a teacher and what you have to do when no students are around. This inspired me and I thought the least I could do was make a trophy to show the appreciation that teachers truly do deserve.


Q: Your inspiration for the trophy was beautifully conveyed in the design.  When you create digital designs and 3D printed forms what are some of the considerations you make in software and materials selection? 

For this project, I decided to use Autodesk inventor because I was most comfortable with it, and the program allows for the creation of organic objects to be more exact than most other programs. Every decision in this process whether software, material, or design all led back to the idea that teachers touch every life on this planet.


Q: How has your design experience improved as you have become more familiar with and skilled in 3D printing concepts and applications?

My design experience has improved so much with the addition of 3D printing. As I have become more familiar with the applications of this amazing device, the overall process of creating a product has become so much more enjoyable from just seeing the 2D object on paper to actually being able to see a feel my design and idea become tangible.


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Carrie Wyman

Carrie Wyman

Carrie is a technology and 3D printing enthusiast, with a passion for beautiful design.

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