Medical Imagery Takes Form with 3D Printing at RSNA 2017

Radiology is a medical practice that many in the medical community will find is closely aligned with 3D printing. Globally, radiology groups are augment their services with the use of 3D printed medical models, based on the idea that that patient outcomes and procedure efficiencies can be improved by the visual and tactile nature of 3D printed models. And while this could be called an inflection point, where interest in 3d printing is growing, yet its role in radiology is still being defined, the fact that many radiologists are currently engaged in the technology presents an the opportunity to connect and discuss the innovations on the horizon that are paving the path forward for 3D printing in Radiology.

Join us in the North Hall at Booth 6360

As we head to the RSNA 2017 Annual Meeting in Chicago at the end of November, we at Stratasys are excited to present a booth tour experience that showcases recent additions to our radiology partners, as well as new materials and software capabilities we have been developing to provide greater control to imaging and design professionals, providing technology solutions that produce medical models that better mimic the real thing. We will also be showcasing our J750 Polyjet printer, with a variety of medical models on display for participants to see, touch and hold, giving form and shape to the innovations that 3D printing brings to the medical community.

Learn more about Radiology’s role in 3D Printing click here to register for a webinar presented by Dr. Frank Rybicki, Chief of Medical Imaging at The Ottawa Hospital.


Carrie Wyman

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