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3D Printing Gains Momentum at RSNA 2017

Two days into the RSNA 2017 Annual Meeting,  with three remaining, and the buzz around 3D printing has picked up right where it left off in 2016, when the 3D Printing Special Interest Group was launched. With new products, new partnerships and opportunities to learn, RSNA 2017 is shaping up to be an action packed event.

Hands on courses on how to segment data from MRI and CT patient scans and 3D print for surgical planning are offered every day.

A course led by the team at the Ottawa Hospital includes segmenting a complex Pancoast tumor model and selecting appropriate materials for printing on a Stratasys J750.

The first course was standing room only, but don’t worry, it will be offered daily until the end of the meeting.


Partnerships continue to be a theme in aiming to better integrate the imaging and advanced visualization systems radiologists rely upon with the 3D printers that bring medical models to life.

Stratasys announced a deal with Philips to integrate the IntelliSpace Portal 10 with Stratasys fulfillment capability through Stratasys Direct Manufacturing. Hospitals with this power radiology tool can now order models of patient anatomy that allow surgeons to plan, practice and determine optimal surgical outcomes.

Vital Images, a Toshiba Medical company, continues to display a range of models created by its Vitrea software solution that can acquired through Stratasys and support a range of specialties including cardiology, orthopedics, and vascular medicine.

Attendees of RSNA are also getting the opportunity to first hand experience the newly launched Stratasys® BIOMIMICS™, with models on pediatric hearts that can be cut and sutured.

As well as spine models that can have pedicle screws and rods implanted as well discs removed.

The models offer a new way to replicate patient pathology in a way that realistically replicates the biomechanics of real anatomy. Come by the Stratasys booth to try your hand.

The Lakeside center education area continues to be a hot bed of 3D printing.

Dozens of posters and displays showcase how radiologists around the world are using 3D printing to change the way patients are treated and physicians are trained and educated.

If you’re in Chicago, please come by RSNA and check out all of the new developments of 3D printing.


To learn more about Stratasys® BIOMIMICS™ click here.

Michael Gaisford

Michael Gaisford

Michael Gaisford comes to Stratasys after 10 years in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry, working for Boston Scientific, Health Advances, and Genentech. He lives in Berlin, MA (correctly pronounced as BUR-lin) with his family and ill-behaved Rhodesian Ridgeback. In his “free” time he coaches kids sports, supports scouting groups, and plays basketball.

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