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+SocialGood Twitter Chat: The Potential of 3D Printing to Progress Global Goals

Last Thursday, +SocialGood, an international community comprised of change-makers who are passionate about global innovation through collaboration, hosted a technology-focused Twitter chat about 3D printing. They used this chat as a way for people worldwide to come together and share ideas to generate conversations around solutions for global goals. The focus of this chat was to explore the potential of 3D printing to progress global development goals. Since 3D printing is making huge advancements across industries, it is important to inform individuals and organizations worldwide on the possibilities that 3D printing can bring to the table by introducing the ways this innovative technology has the potential to revolutionize the world by supporting development for even the most remote populations.

People from all over the world joined the conversation Thursday morning, with +SocialGood opening the discussion with questions about what 3D printing is.

Supporting the opening question were additional questions related to worldwide development, barriers to implementation, accessibility, 3D printing solutions, global goals, sustainability, and areas of potential.

The community was very proactive in sharing some of the innovative ways that they perceive, or have experience with 3D printing and how it impacts development around the world.


Medicine, education, manufacturing, and the environment are just some of the common themes that were mentioned throughout the chat. Everyone involved was very knowledgeable about 3D printing and its potential to impact innovative development now and in the near future. From 3D printed pre-surgical models to reduced CO2 emissions, the possibilities of 3D printing are endless.

Learn more about some of the ways 3D printing is creating life-changing impacts for the people who need it most.

Read a full recap of the +SocialGood 3D Printing Twitter chat here.

Craig Librett

Craig Librett

A 25+-year industry veteran, Craig has written extensively about all aspects of the technology industry. As Senior Public Relations Manager for Stratasys, he is particularly well-versed at communicating the impact of Additive Manufacturing across a broad range of industries. Craig is a graduate of Boston University, with an MBA from Northeastern University.

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